HumHub Enterprise Edition

For professional use in businesses and organizations


Your individual Social Intranet.
No compromises.

A communications platform has to be able to quickly react to changes in communications as well as changes within a company and should never limit a company or business in any way.

HumHub is an expandable social network platform that can be hosted on its own servers. This not only gives you complete control over your data but also the flexibility to adjust HumHub at any given time to your needs and workflow.

With the HumHub Enterprise Edition you get all of the know-how of a global developer community, paired with professional support, expanded features and a flexible licensing process.

Enterprise Highlights

Commercial License

The Enterprise Edition includes a commercial license so you do not have to publish or share e.g. changes or modifications to HumHub. The source code stays with you.


Receive professional support with your installation, configuration, maintenance and development directly from the HumHub developers.

Prioritized Bugfixes

A high quality, perfectly running and bug free software is important to us. However, should you come upon a bug, we will fix the problem as fast as we can.

Long-Term-Support (LTS)

For all major releases, the HumHub Enterprise Edition (currently 1.0) includes the 3-year long term support. The version is also supported with updates and bug fixes.

Spaces Types (categories)

Create individual categories to organize your communication within branches and departments and for projects and clients, etc.

Expanded LDAP-Support (Mapping)

Connect spaces and user groups with your groups in the Active Directory and manage your corporate structure and employees from one central place.

Compare the editions

Community Edition Enterprise Edition
License AGPLv3
(Must share customizations with Community)
HumHub Commercial License
Support HumHub Community
Enterprise Support Subscription
Unlimited user
Prioritized Bugfixes
Individual LTS
LDAP Support
Advanced LDAP Support
Spacetypes NEW
Enterprise Theme (optional) NEW
Price Free 99€ / monthly

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Bring your company’s communication to the 21st century.
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